“The measure of who we are is not only what we have done, but it is how we do it.”

Our Clients

We have advised, designed, engineered, installed, and delivered AV and ICT systems on a vast number of yachts, many of which are in excess of 100m. We work with industry-leading shipyards and management companies to deliver 100% satisfaction to their elite clients. And we are trusted by high profile clients as the company that will deliver exactly what is required.

It is for this reason that we do not list every project we have been involved in. The very nature of the industry itself prevents much of the work that we do from ever being made public. Whilst a list may confirm our extensive experience on paper, we believe that in talking directly to potential clients we can far better understand their exact needs and demonstrate our expertise more constructively and productively.

We have been incredibly privileged to have been involved in the superyacht industry’s most iconic projects. From those embodying innovation and pioneering technology to those who have stunned the industry with size, defiance, beauty, or understated elegance.

We believe in being able to personally communicate our expertise so that we can demonstrate how specific experiences serve to directly benefit your project

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