“It is the people, experience, knowledge, and understanding that differentiates ONEXP. Providing added value, expertise, assurance, and capability.”


Our objective is to ensure that our clients experience and enjoy contemporary entertainment with seamless interaction from ONEXP's uniform, consistent, and reliable system. The ONEXP approach aims for natural and intuitive usability, seamless handoff of content, the latest technology, future-proofing, and business continuity.


Our considerable expertise enables us to achieve the highest level of modern connectivity, technological integration, and unrivaled functionality from the initial concept through to an outstanding user experience. We operate from a knowledge-driven platform complemented with industry experience extending two decades.


By staying focused on high-end clients and yards we strengthen the Brand promise, achieve the highest quality, and perform above expectations. To this end we always work toward common goals and our Core Values:

Ownership Responsible, pro-active, dedicated
No-Nonsense Practical, efficient, realistic
Excellence Strive to be the best

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